We’ve handpicked a team of amazing people, and together we create amazing results.

You’ll notice we use the word ‘amazing’ a lot. That’s because our key focus is your success, and in order to help you succeed, we are constantly striving for amazing results. Our team is made up of amazing people to achieve just that.

History matters.

Experience and knowledge is built up over time, and when you’re good at what you do, word gets out.

Our reputation for producing amazing results is built on 40+ years in the industry. Over the years we’ve had a few rebrands, and expanded our expertise through acquisitions, but the core of the company has been the same from day one. We’ve committed to innovation utilising the best technology and best people since 1974.

We are behind award winning brands.

The proof is always in the pudding, and in our case the pudding is our collection of tasty Pride In Print Awards.

These awards showcase all facets of the New Zealand printing industry. More than a pinnacle of recognition for the best in printing and packaging, the Pride In Print Awards embody a culture of excellence. Over the years, we’ve played our part in helping our clients and their brands stand out on the shelves, and gain recognition from Pride In Print.

At the 2016 Pride In Print Awards, we were the brand behind 7 Gold and 7 Highly Commended Awards.

Over the years we’ve been a part of projects that have won:

Supreme Awards

Gold Awards

Highly Commended

*Awards from 2000 onwards.


Designers, Artwork Engineers, Printers… and many others hard at work behind the scenes. Our experience includes:





*As from June 2016.

We Care.

Caring for the environment through everything we do.

Our team strive to create a positive impact and make a difference through adopting policies, environmental principles and practices across our business and work processes. This includes investment in green manufacturing technologies and taking steps to minimise the environmental impact of our print activities, as well as our commitment to recycling and managing our waste properly.

Some steps we have taken to reduce our environmental footprint include:

  • Recycling paper, printing plates and solvent used for platemaking.
  • Recycle all used consumables from our office and digital printing machines including toner and inks.
  • Soya vegetable based inks are used on our offset presses – this type of ink is easier to recycle and releases significantly lower volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere compared to petroleum based inks.
  • Having digital printing technologies which eliminate the use of film and chemicals.
  • Optimise raw plate usage to minimise material wastage.
  • Optimise our deliveries to reduce fuel emissions.
  • Endeavouring to use suppliers with strong environmental policies.

Our suppliers and customers also play a vital role in helping ensure the sustainability of the future generations. Some of our partners’ sustainability measures include:

  • Using certified forest fibre.
  • Finding alternative renewable energy sources.
  • Reducing chemical, energy and water usage and effluent.
  • Manufacturing products that contain recycled content.

Talk to us about how we are able to help make your print, packaging and brand solutions more sustainable.

Your brand journey doesn’t have to be hard work.

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