Getting the technical details right can be tricky.

Here you’ll find some tools to assist you – all with the aim of creating amazing results. From file supply tips to software access, this section holds little gems to help you out.

How to supply your files.

Print 101: Basic need to know information when supplying files for print (for both digital and offset presses).

Viewing PDFs.

Most of the time our digital proofs will be in PDF format. We recommend downloading Acrobat Reader (the free global standard for reliably viewing, and printing PDF documents), to ensure we are all viewing the files in the same way.


If your PDF isn’t displaying the artwork or has panels of solid colour over it, it may be because there is overprint set up within the job.

To view a PDF with overprint correctly in Acrobat Reader, use the output preview option found under the Acrobat Reader Preferences > Page Display > Use Overprint Preview > Select “Always”.

Download the mobile app:

Download the desktop app:

Sending or Receiving large files.

With desktop and mobile versions available, ShareFile gives you the capability to upload large files to share with us or receive a link to download. Below are some links for learning how to use this programme.


Download the mobile app:

Upload your files:

Esko apps.

Esko technology is very much integrated into our processes.

We use a range of Esko products in our studio from Artwork Engineering to Plate Manufacturing. This is also the technology behind our Virtual Proof system. Below are links to applications that are useful when using and interacting with Virtual Proof, and additional free viewer applications for viewing 3D and CAD files.



Webcentre is the backbone behind Virtual Proof. A powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that manages packaging preproduction specification, approval and project life cycle.


Download the mobile app:



A free 3D viewer for Collada files made with Studio or ArtiosCAD. Review virtual packaging or display mock-ups – including all print and finishing effects.


Download the mobile app:

Download the desktop app:



Examine in detail the structure and content of your ArtiosCAD design or 3D files for review or approval.


Download the desktop app: