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An integral part of the print process.

We have always invested in the latest technology with the aim of speeding up plate production time and improving results on press. As one of Australasia’s leading Flexographic plate suppliers we excel in Flexographic platemaking, using all of the latest technology.

With three types of hardware for imaging, ESKO CDI with Nyloflex processing, KODAK NX and DuPont FAST, our plates and technology range from Standard 2042dpi plates through to 4000dpi High Definition plates, including Kodak NX with Flexcel NX System and Nitro+ HD in combination with Pixel+ by Esko.


This process combines 4000dpi HD optics with unique printing screening technologies to achieve sharper and more accurate imaging, with a maximum size of 1220 x 2032mm.

Nyloflex NExT is an extremely versatile system, as it can be used with virtually all types of digital plates – there are no limitations of ink systems, substrates or plate types.

Standard flat top dot is designed and useful for corrugated cardboard printing, reducing fluting and increases ink density on the substrate.

HD flat top dot produces excellent print quality results and a simplified plate production. The high-resolution optics deliver sharper imaging of text and lines; more clearly defined, better shaped screen dots, smoother tints and a better colour range.

HD Flexo brings cost efficiencies with it because it doesn’t tie the customer to specific plates or consumables, nor expensive process changes in order to produce the outcome you need. It delivers longer print run lengths through longer plate life. On top of that, it reduces energy use and CO2 emission by up to 50%, making it a great sustainable choice.


Kodak Flexcel technology was created to remove the limits of digital and analogue plate manufacturing.

The quality of print achieved using this plate is that of offset print even on a very diverse range of printing materials. This technology laminates the image carrier directly onto the printing plate eliminating oxygen between the layers thus creating perfect contact. It allows Kodak Flexcel to produce dots with sharp profile edges that lead to extremely crisp printing and smooth balanced backgrounds.


Producing plates with no chemicals. Solvent free plate. Processed using heat in a blanket.

An innovative, highly productive plate processing technology that uses solvent-free thermal processing. It’s the ideal workflow solution for a variety of print applications, enabling very fast processing – producing a press-ready finished plate in one hour or less, cost savings, sustainability and improved press performance.

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