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Wintec – Distance Learning Team.

Manual processing of Marking Guides into Assessment sheets was time consuming for Wintec staff. They were losing a lot of time, sometimes hours, every day on this manual and inefficient process which included handling manually stapled sheets.

We came in and audited the workflow of Wintec Distance Learning. Our solution was to develop an innovative customised online system that inserts marking guides into the document prior to printing. This has resulted in at least 2 hours of human resource savings per day – 0.25 of a fulltime role that is now spent on more important tasks.

The Work

What they said

Gravitas Media did a phenomenal job creating a new online system for our department. I frequently order Assessment Books, which are now printed by Gravitas Media. These are all now online and with a click of a button I can select the Assessment Book and quantity required and these are printed and delivered in 24 hours. Previously once I had received the Open Book Assessments I would spend up to two hours per day stapling in Marking Guides. Gravitas Media took the time to understand this process and suggested adding the Marking Guides (approximately 90 of them) into the OBA and CBA files so they would be printed as part of the workbooks. I would like to thank the team at Gravitas for saving me time, being innovative and providing an exceptional service.

Hayley Thomson

Wintec Distance Learning

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